Article: Congratulations, Mrs. Goode!

Congratulations, Mrs. Goode!

Delilah Goode has been chosen 2021 Upstate Career Specialist of the Year. Mrs. Goode began working in Spartanburg District 3 in August 2017 as the Career Specialist at Broome High School and the Middle School of Pacolet. This year she also assumed duties as assistant track coach at Broome.

Mrs. Janet Linder, Guidance Counselor, states that Mrs. Goode is known for "her tireless work ethic, her desire to build a positive, caring relationship with students and staff, her beautiful smile, her giving attitude, and her heart to help students have a prosperous life."

As Career Specialist, Mrs. Goode fills many roles in the Guidance Department. One of her primary roles each year is to organize the Broome High School Military Fair and Career Fair and recruit participating partners for each. She also facilitates career assessments through SCOIS and often leads test prep sessions for SAT, ACT, and WIN. After the test results are released, she then holds individual conferences with students to discuss the test results and ways to improve. Recently, she assumed the responsibility for the March Blitz for FAFSA project, which is sponsored by the Spartanburg Academic Movement, to offer students and parents assistance in completing their FAFSA application. Because of her efforts, Broome High was the first and only Spartanburg County high school to meet its goal.  

Mrs. Goode is a most worthy recipient of the Upstate Career Specialist of the Year Award. Congratulations, Mrs. Goode!