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Senior Superlative Voting Link:

Senior Baby Photos:
Baby Picture Information for GraduationDear Parents and Senior Students, 
During the Broome High School Graduation Ceremony, a slideshow is shown of seniors and their respective baby picture to show how much they’ve grown. This slideshow is a special tradition of Broome High School that honors and celebrates your child’s new chapter into adulthood. 
 The deadline for submission of baby picture is March 26.

Senior Ads:

Share your friendship, love, or congratulations with a special student in your life by placing a personal ad in The Medallion, the Broome High School yearbook. Select the desired size and personalize the ad with your own message and photos. To get your special message in the yearbook, please submit materials by Friday, October 2nd. SENIOR AD ORDER FORM 

Ordering a Yearbook:
To order your yearbook online, please log on to You may also call the company toll free at 1.866.287.3096. The order number is 10678. Please have this number handy when you call or log in to order your yearbook. You may also pay for your yearbook at school using cash, check, or credit card. Pre-ordering yearbooks will save you $10-20 based on how early you order. Yearbooks will be on sale for a discounted price of $65 from 7/29/2020-9/11/2020 and $75 from 9/12/2020-5/10/2021. On Yearbook day the price will no longer be discounted and will cost $85.

Portrait Dates:

Senior photos will be taken in the elephant room at the auditorium on August 10th and 11th from 9:30-11:45am and 12:45-3:00pm. Seniors will need to bring $20 in correct change only, check, or card to pay for their sitting fee. Due to protocols for COVID-19, we will not be providing the tuxes and drapes this year. Therefore, you will need to ensure you wear appropriate semi-formal clothing that follows school dress code. For females it is preferred for you to wear a dark colored non-patterned dress. For males it is preferred for you to wear dark jacket and/or dress shirt with a necktie. Students that do not follow school dress code will not be allowed to have their photos taken. If you have any questions please contact Images Portrait Studio at (864) 834-4261. Makeup senior portraits will be August 25th and August 26th from 9:30am-3:00pm and will follow the same protocols as above. If students do not have their senior portrait taken on the provided four days, students will need to make an appointment to have their senior portrait taken at Images Portrait Studio. Call (864) 834-4261 to make an appointment. 

Underclassmen photos will be taken September 22nd and September 23rd 8:00am-3:00pm. Makeup underclassmen photos will be taken October 19th and October 22nd 8:00am-12:00pm. Students that do not have their portrait taken will have their school issued ID photo used in the yearbook.


Business Ads:

Each year the yearbook staff promotes businesses to reserve an ad space in the yearbook. Ad sales not only contribute to the production of the yearbook, but also the purchase of upgraded equipment, marketing, and yearbook events. Additionally, the purchase of an advertisement spot in the yearbook will not only support the hardworking young men and women of the Broome High School Yearbook staff, but also the lifelong promotion of your business. An ad in the yearbook is like giving your business card to 500+ students AND their parents all at once. There are multiple options available for your preference of advertisting.  The yearbook allows advertisement of various types of businesses  as long as they are in accordance with district policy. If you are interested in purchasing an ad, please contact Kelsey Field [email protected] for more information or see the order form attached: Yearbook business ad order form

Other information:
We need your help! Make sure you and your friends are covered in this year's yearbook by sending us pictures of your summer vacation, a day at work, and of events and hobbies you are involved in outside of school. Seniors, we'd also like to see photos of you and your college acceptance letters. Parents and students should go to and enter the school code centurion to submit photos.