Subscription Resources

The following digital resources are available to Broome students. Broome students should contact the media center staff for the required password. To access, click on the hyperlink or the product icon.
Digital Information for South Carolina Users, DISCUS provides full-text magazine articles and reference books.
 GVRL Research Matters
The Gale Virtual Reference Library is an online library of reference titles for multi-disciplinary research.
Use Artemis to search Gale Contemporary Literary Criticism, Twentieth-Century Literary Criticism.
Literary Criticism Online (LCO)
Gale Contemporary Criticism Online offers a range of modern and historical views on authors and their works across regions, eras and genres. Included are Contemporary Literary Criticism (CLC), volumes 1-362; Poetry Criticism (PC), volumes 1-190; and Twentieth-Century Literary Criticism (TCLC), volumes 1-315.
Academic OneFile
Academic OneFile provides millions of articles from over 17,000 peer-reviewed, scholarly journals and other authoritative sources—including thousands of podcasts and transcripts from NPR and CNN as well as videos from BBC Worldwide Learning. Included is full text of The New York Times from 1985 to present, updated daily.
Books & Authors
Have you just finished a great book? Now wondering what to read next? Books & Authors can help. This website offers expert reading suggestions and reading lists.
Health & Wellness Resource Center
Health & Wellness Resource Center offers access to full-text medical journals, magazines, reference works, multimedia on the full range of health-related issues, from current disease and disorder information to in-depth coverage of alternative medical practices.
Literature Resource Center
Literature Resource Center offers a broad range of authors and their works including a comprehensive collection of full-text critical and literary analysis.
Salem Press Resources 
The BHS Salem Press collection includes literature; history and social sciences; science, mathematics, and careers; and health resources. 
 Science in Context
Science In Context provides contextual information on hundreds of today's most significant science topics. 
Science Online offers a comprehensive overview of a broad range of scientific disciplines. Topic Center features selected content on core science disciplines to help students find a starting point for research.
Today's Science 
Today's Science offers in-depth explanations of important advances in biology, chemistry, environmental science, space, physics, and technology.
U.S. History in Context 
U.S. History In Context provides contextual information on hundreds of the most significant people, events and topics in U.S. History.  Content includes reference works, millions of news and periodical articles, and more than 5,000 rare and vital primary source documents that range from slave journals to presidential papers. U.S. History In Context is cross-searchable with World History In Context.
World History in Context 
World History In Context  chronicles the great cultures and societies that have formed the history of the human race from the ancient world to today's headlines. Rare primary sources, reliable reference and multi-media content put this vast topic into context for students.