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NICHE College Scholarship Search
Find college scholarships at
GetSmartSC is a new website for future students to find information about SC colleges, scholarships, student loans, apprenticeships, and more.  Check out to find the college information you have been looking for.
Students can research scholarships at  Since 2003 they have focused on providing scholarship information to students from South Carolina.

UNIGO Scholarships
If you are looking for money for college, check out the scholarships offered by UNIGO Scholarships at

Tallo Scholarships
Tallo offers a $1,000 scholarship monthly.  You may apply if you have an account or you can create an account at to apply.


Davidson’s Lowell L. Bryan Scholarship recognizes scholar athletes.  Two full tuition Lowell L. Bryan Scholarships will be awarded, one to a female athlete and one to a male athlete.  For consideration, you must participate in one of their eligible sports.  The deadline for nomination for the Lowell L. Bryan Scholarship is September, 28, 2020.  SEE YOUR GUIDANCE COUNSELOR IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN EITHER OF THESE SCHOLARSHIPS. 


Coca-Cola Scholars Program
The Coca-Cola Scholars Program is an achievement-based scholarship awarded to graduating high school seniors each year. Apply online at  5:00 P.M. EASTERN ON OCTOBER 31, 2020



Davidson College – John M. Belk Scholarship
you are a senior and have applied to Davidson College or plan to apply, Davidson College offers the John M. Belk Scholarship recognizing students with academic excellence, a four-year scholarship covering tuition, fees, room and board. The deadline for nomination for the John M. Belk Scholarship is December 1, 2020.  Broome can only nominate two students.  SEE YOUR GUIDANCE COUNSELOR IF YOU ARE INTERESTED.