Diploma Pathways Seals of Distinction

Diploma Pathway Seals of Distinction

Beginning with the freshman class of 2018-2019 students enrolled in SC high schools shall have the opportunity to earn graduation Seals of Distinction within each high school diploma pathway that identifies a particular area of focus.  The earning of a graduation seal(s) shall be based upon the following criteria:

  • Students may meet the GPA requirement:
    • at the end of first semester their senior year
    • with their final GPA
  • Students who meet the GPA requirement at the end of first semester do not have to requalify at the end of their senior year.
  • Students must earn credit in all required courses listed to qualify for the corresponding Seal.
    • Schools are encouraged to offer more honors courses, fine arts courses, etc. to enable students to earn Seals. Schools with limited capacity are encouraged to use VirtualSC, additional online platforms, or other creative avenues approved by the SCDE to expand course offerings.
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